Why sew your own clothes?

“Do people still sew?”

“When clothing is plentiful and cheap, why do people bother sewing?”

These are questions I have often been asked when I mention that my business is teaching people to sew their own clothes and I expect such comments are made to many of my students too.

While sewing your own clothing in 2015 is not strictly necessary and will not always save money – as it was and did for our grandmothers – there is much to be said for all the other benefits of  “making your own”.

In a world of mass produced, cheap and often poorly made garments which do not fit properly and do not last beyond a season, there is most certainly a place for a garment which has been made to measure for its wearer and finished to a high standard.  Not only will the wearer have a unique, custom made garment to be proud of, this new favourite for which the style and fabric were chosen especially to flatter, will last well beyond the next season – and when it does reach the end of its life, it can be copied to make another!

For me, the main benefit of making my own clothes is that I know they will fit and flatter and be one of a kind.  I can choose exactly what I want in terms of style and colour.  I can go shopping and look at all the new styles, especially details like collars, pockets, trims, etc. knowing that, with a little ingenuity and technique, I can put my personality into the details I choose to wear.

I really love the creative outlet; trying new techniques and the wonderful sense of achievement when a project comes together.  I love the feel of fabric and the possibilities in each piece I buy.  Every piece of fabric is unique and with the on-going developments in textile manufacturing we always have something different to try and new handling techniques to learn.  Sewing is NEVER boring.

Helping my students discover a passion for sewing is such a joy.   Many new students are surprised at how much they can accomplish after a couple of sessions and that sewing is much more intricate and fascinating than they had expected. Sewing can become a haven of peace where we can control our level of achievement – an opportunity which is often hard to find in a world where our lives are busy, noisy and stressful,

My intention is to post a blog each week, sometimes about my own projects and sometimes a tutorial on a particular technique.

I look forward to your feedback.