DSC03574I began learning to sew at school when aged 11 and loved it from the very beginning. Sewing has always been a wonderful adventure in learning and, even 50 odd years later, I still find new things to try.

What has always made sewing my own clothes interesting and exciting is that there is no one way to achieve great results.  Learning to use different techniques helps me deal with the challenges of new types of fabric and garment styling details – and learning and sharing new techniques I have tried is great fun!

Because of this desire to share my experience, I opened my sewing school in January 2008 in a newly completed studio at my home. My classes cater for students at all levels of sewing ability from beginners to advanced with a focus on achieving great fit and learning a variety of sewing techniques to complete a garment of equal standard to high quality ready to wear. Small classes allow for close personal attention to all students who work on projects of their choice and at their own pace.

In recent years I have also offered students the opportunity to learn pattern making and couture sewing techniques.

The opportunity to pass on knowledge is a great blessing in my life and seeing my students achieve (often beyond their own expectations) is truly rewarding.

A number of my younger students wanting to make a career in the sewing industry have gained a sound knowledge of construction techniques enabling them to realise their aspirations by launching their own fashion label collections.

New students are always welcome.


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